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Vagina Tightening in Turkey

Vagina Tightening in Turkey

Vagina tightening is the most preferred operation in our Turkey clinic, especially after normal birth, among genital esthetic operations. The vaginal tightening is known as "vaginoplasty."

Thanks to the advancements in medical technology, the interest in vagina tightening surgery is growing in which women experience a very comfortable recovery time.

The vaginal tightening of the enlarged and divided vagina is made by Turkey Obstetrics and gynecologists which enable the vagina to regain a tighter form.

What is Vagina Tightening?

Women often have sexual intercourse, vaginal childbirth, and over time, there's expansion in the vagina region.

The expansion of the vagina also presents problems such as not having fun sexual intercourse, not having an orgasm. In such cases, the vagina tightening surgery is intended for esthetic and sexual functionality. Vaginoplasty surgery gives the vagina a narrower, more collected form.

Vaginoplasty, commonly known as cervical tightening can also cover different surgeries. The operation to create vaginas due to the lack of a congenital vagina, vaginal shortness, gender change is also evaluated. In the same way, surgery to make some adjustments to the vagina from a functional point of view is covered by vaginoplasty.

How is the Vagina Tightening Surgery Performed?

The vaginal tightening procedure, which is performed by the procedure to bring the levator muscles that form the pelvis base on the lower wall of the vagina, is completed between 30 and 40 minutes at our Turkey clinic.

During an operation in local or general anesthesia, it is not possible for the patient to feel any pain or hurt. The area that is narrowed during surgery is the part that is 3 to 4 cm long from the entrance of the vagina. It should be noted that in general, this surgery can be performed as a result of vaginal enlargement.

During surgery, the excess tissue is removed by applying the incision and then suture is applied. In the operation uses self-melting sutures, so removal of stitching is not necessary. In the meantime, it is also curious how much tightening will be achieved in the vaginal area with vaginal tightening surgery.

Who Is Vaginoplasty Performed For? Why Is It Done?

The problem of women's vaginal enlargement after birth, structural problems, weight problems, or plural pregnancies is that they experience situations that reduce the quality of life, such as insatisfaction in the relationship, inability to satisfy, gaseous release. The vaginal tightening surgery that completely eliminates these situations will restore women's confidence, allowing them to step into a better life and relationship process.

The Effect of Vaginoplasty Surgery on Orgasm

It's the clitoris that makes women orgasm during sexual intercourse. The clitoris is located in the upper section of the entrance of the vagina. Although the vaginal tightening surgery is interfering with the lower part of the vagina, there is a mechanical effect from the tightening of the vaginal entrance.

This mechanical effect is that the penis is more in contact with the part called the clitoris during sexual intercourse, and it can be more enjoyable because of that. As a natural consequence, vaginoplasty surgery has a positive effect on orgasm. The problem of not being able to orgasm due to the width of the vagina can be solved to a large extent.

What Are the Risks of Vaginoplasty Surgery?

As with every surgical operation, vaginal tightening surgery involves the risk of bleeding and infection. There are little risks left out of this. There may be a rare case of narrowing your vagina more than it should be. In this case, there may be problems such as difficulty in having sex or not being able to have sex. However, this rare condition can be corrected by a second surgery.

In the event of such a problem, an operation to expand the vagina is not planned for vaginoplasty surgery. If an experienced doctor is chosen, the chances of a vagina being narrowed more than the ideal are almost zero.

The patient's attention to the doctor's warnings and compliance with the prohibitions is minimized to the risk of complications. Following the operation, particular attention to hygiene rules is crucial to prevent the risk of infection.

How Much Does Vaginoplasty Surgery Tight the Vagina?

Vaginoplasty narrows vaginal 1–2 cm. The doctor decides how much tissue to remove.With the examination performed before vaginoplasty surgery, the level of profusion in the vagina is checked and how much tissue will be removed is also determined as part of the surgery planning.

Post-Vagina Tightening Sexual Intercourse

After the vagina tightening surgery, it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse for 2 months, considering the risk of infection. The healing time of the tissues is not the same in every patient. In case of a complete recovery in the tissues, it may be possible to have sexual intercourse before 2 months.

Bleeding After Vaginal Tightening

It is perfectly normal to have a very slight bleeding in the form of spotting for about 10 days. If the bleeding is excessive or lasts longer than 10 days, you should immediately contact a medical institution.

Will There Be Any Scars After Vaginal Tightening?

There are no scars left after the vagina narrowing surgery. It is also impossible for your partner to understand that you are having surgery. With vaginal narrowing, the inner part of the vagina is interfered with, not the outer part.

Recovery After Vaginal Tightening

The recovery time differs from person to person. However, in general, we can say that this period is a maximum of 3 weeks. A slight level of pain can be experienced after vaginal tightening surgery. But the pain medication will be prescribed by your doctor. At the same time, the use of antibiotic drugs is also required against the risk of infection.

Who Can Have Vaginal Tightening Surgery?

Any woman who has reached the age of 18 and does not have a health problem that may prevent surgery can have vaginal tightening surgery. But since surgical operations cannot be performed during pregnancy and lactation, you need to wait for the end of the lactation period.

Does vaginoplasty prevent normal birth?

One of the most curious things about the subject is whether this surgery prevents normal childbirth. The fact that you're planning a pregnancy and a normal birth in the future doesn't stop you from having vaginoplasty surgery.

Vaginoplasty surgery doesn't stop you from having vaginal birth. In fact, you can have vaginoplasty surgery again if you need it after the birth and breastfeeding period, as pregnancy will cause vaginoplasty expansion.

If you had a miscarriage, had an abortion, or had a C-section, you could have a vaginal tightening surgery. And all of this doesn't pose a problem to the surgery.

Vagina Tightening Doctors in Turkey

You don't have to go to a different city to have a vagina tightening surgery. There are doctors in Bursa who are tightening vaginas, where you can make an appointment immediately.

Especially the Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist serving in Bursa, Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz is one of the most preferred doctors for vagina tightening surgery.

Experience in the field of Vajinoplasty also brings peace of mind to the operation. The service of Bursa Nilüfer is easy to reach the clinic from all over the city.

After a vaginal tightening surgery, in the clinic has a very short resting period. Only patients who are monitored for several hours can be discharged on the same day, in case of possible bleeding.

Vagina Tightening Prices in Bursa, Turkey

Talking about a clear price or a price range for vaginal tightening surgery in Turkey can be misleading to you. Because the prices requested for this operation can vary depending on many different factors.

Specialist doctors who are experienced in vagina tightening surgery, such as Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz, who serves in Nilufer district of Bursa city, can enable you to benefit from this operation accompanied by very reasonable prices.

Compared to the metropolitan cities, we can report that the operation of vaginoplasty in Bursa is done at much lower prices. If an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist is preferred, operational risks will also be minimized. You can make a much more comfortable decision to operate.

How Does Vaginal Outer Lip Sagging Pass?

Sagging of the outer lip in women can also be an uncomfortable situation from a psychological point of view. There are also 3 ways to avoid this problem, which can negatively affect everyday life, such as not wearing tight clothes. These are surgical operations, treatment and preventive treatment methods performed using estrogen hormones. Surgery is preferable for the most effective result.

Is There Edema After Vaginoplasty Surgery?

The edema may occur after the operation, provided it is very light. However, the edema will be dissipated in a very short time and the region that is operated by the operation will return to normal. However, the tissue condition for each patient is not the same, which can also vary whether the chamber is dissipated or how much edema is generated.

Will It Be Obvious That I Have Had Vaginoplasty Surgery?

One of the most curious elements of patients who want to have vaginoplasty surgery is whether it is obvious that they have had surgery.

It is never clear that you have had vaginoplasty surgery. It is also not possible for your partner to understand that you have previously had vaginoplasty surgery during sexual intercourse. With peace of mind, you can make an operation decision and request an appointment.

Is Vaginoplasty Surgery Performed During Menstruation?

Being in the menstrual period does not medically prevent the surgery of vaginoplasty. However, it is recommended that the operation be carried out within a period of time other than the period of the period, as the patient feels more comfortable and also takes into account the hygiene conditions.

If there is any doubt of menstruation during the surgery, you will be prescribed medications that may delay your period shortly if you inform your doctor about this. That way, the surgery won't have to be postponed.

Is There Pain and Bleeding After Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Although it's perceived as a simple operation, vaginoplasty is a surgical operation, and it's medically normal to have a slight staining hemorrhage after this operation. However, this mild pain will also be controlled with the use of pain medication prescribed by your doctor.

Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz
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