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G-Spot Magnification, G-Shot Injections

G-Spot Magnification, G-Shot Injections

What is G-Spot Magnification?

Point G magnification is one of the processes that women have shown great interest in in in recent years.

We can point out that the G-spot, which has a great contribution to women's orgasm, is located on the front wall of the vagina. Although it is referred to as a point area, it is also obvious that it is actually an erogenous, that is, an excitable region.

If the G-spot is stimulated, there is a thickening in this wall, that is, it swells. That triggers stimulation, and it's easier for women to reach the orgasm point. We will also refer to what the task of point G is and how the action called magnification is done.

Where is G-Spot?

There are still a lot of women who can confuse the vagina entrance and the G-spot. This area is located in the projection of where the urinary tract curvature. The location of point G is approximately 4 cm – 5 cm above the entrance of the vagina.

And it's 1 cm to 2 cm, although its width varies with every woman. In the G-shot process, which is applied to women to facilitate orgasm and to increase stimulation, is also being intervened in this area.

How is G-Spot Magnification Performed?

Before the G-spot magnification procedure performed to facilitate reaching orgasm, it will be useful for the patient to identify the area that increases sensitivity on the front wall of her vagina and at least roughly determine this area.

G-Spot enlargement should never be considered an operation. It is painless and will be completed in a very short time. Filling material containing hyaluronic acid, used to create a filler effect on the body in the face area or in the lip region, is injected into G-Spot.

After the G-Spot magnification, the patient can immediately stand up and return to his daily life. There is absolutely no need for clinical rest or home rest.

What is The Role of G-Spot?

Women can wonder what the G-spot is for. The only mission in this area is to contribute to vaginal orgasm. When stimulated, the G-point is erectile tissue, and the diaper tissue produces a special secretion. That makes it easier to reach a vaginal orgasm.

G-shot in Turkey

In public, the G-point enlargement process is also known as "orgasm vaccine", "G-shot." This is because this process can eliminate the problem of not having an orgasm. Because after filling, increase the friction ratio of the penis to G-Spot. This makes it easier for women to reach the orgasm point after a G-shot.

The procedure under local anesthesia is only completed within a short period of 15 minutes. This is the total time with the preparation phase of the operation. The delivery of the filling material to the body is completed in seconds. Let's just point out that the procedure was performed on the gynecological examination table, not in operating conditions.

Prices of G-Spot Injection, G-shot Vaccine In Turkey

We can't talk about a clear figure of the price of the G-point augmentation process. Prices may vary depending on which women's diseases and obstetrician you prefer and what factors such as filling material used.

However, let's also report that G shot prices are at a very reasonable level. A low budget can be sufficient to benefit from this process. You must first request an appointment and have an examination. The price information will then be delivered to you in a clear number.

Benefits of G-Point Magnification, G-shot Injection.

In women, the G-point magnification helps to get rid of the problem of not having an orgasm or to achieve orgasm in less time. In a sense, we can point out that it's one of the ways to improve the comfort of sexual life for women. Thanks to this process, many women have survived the problem they've had so far and have a more comfortable sexual life.

In both clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms, point G is important for sexual pleasure. With filling material, further emphasis on this area can be greatly beneficial at the point of orgasm. If you consult your doctor about this, you can find out more about it

Is the G-shot Vaccine Definitely Effective?

First of all, it's important to remember that women have the role of a complex mechanism in the creation of orgasms. The G-Spot's function in orgasms is a subject that can still be subject to debate. It is possible to point out that the G-shot is effective for women who have problems reaching the vaginal orgasm point.

All women who have an area that can be stimulated on the vagina front wall can benefit from the effect of this process. But the problem of not having an orgasm can arise for many different reasons, and there are psychological factors among them.

Therefore, if women who benefit from this process have a different reason for living the problem, and especially psychological factors, then it is not necessary to expect the orgasm vaccine to perform miracles.

It's worth noting another important detail. The filling material used in the process is metabolized and disappearing in the body after a while. It is therefore necessary to renew the process at regular intervals. We can say that this time is different for each patient, but in general, the time for the filling material to remain varies between 4 months and 10 months. The longer the process repeats, the longer the remaining time may be.

To Whom Cannot G-Point Magnification Be Applied?

We can't say that everyone can benefit from the G-spot magnification. Women who are pregnant or in the breastfeeding period cannot make a G-point magnification. Unfortunately, it is not possible to process people who have already had an allergic reaction to similar filling materials.

We can also list other situations in which G-spot enlargement, that is, orgasm vaccine, cannot be applied as follows:

  • Those with immune system disorders,
  • Those who have bleeding and clotting problems,
  • Those who have an infection in the application area.

Who Gets the Orgasm Vaccine?

Those who do not have the problems we listed above, who are not pregnant or who are not in the breastfeeding period, can benefit from an orgasm vaccine with peace of mind. Because you are already undergoing a gynecological examination before the procedure. In the meantime, the presence of problems such as infections that the patient is not aware of, is also understood by the obstetrician. You will therefore be notified by your physician if you are a suitable candidate for the transaction.

How Should The Orgasm Vaccine Be Prepared?

It's important to remember that the genital region in women has a very delicate structure. Therefore, the orgasm vaccine must be performed by an experienced and specialized doctor. It is also important that the filling material used never has any material that can damage the body.

Fillers can have a lot of different content. The quality of these materials is also very important. Depending on which filling material to use, the way this material is prepared may also vary.

This vaccine should not be confused with the process to ensure a regeneration of the vaginal region. In this process, only filling material is injected at point G. Procedures such as bleeding before the patient and re-injecting the patient after decomposition of the blood are much different. You can write your questions about the orgasm vaccine in the review section.

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