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Hudoplasty (Clitoris Aesthetic) in Turkey

Hudoplasty (Clitoris Aesthetic) in Turkey

Hudoplasty in Turkey

Removing excess skin or protrusions on the Hudoplasti clitoris is a surgical operation to give the clitoris a more esthetic look.

The clitoris esthetics, performed in a very comfortable process for the patient, can be done together with the inner lip esthetic, and can be done alone.

This operation, which is beneficial to patients of all ages, can also be called the esthetic of increasing sexual pleasure among the public.

How is Hudoplasty Aesthetics Performed?

The clitoris is not damaged during the esthetic of increasing sexual pleasure which can be performed with two different techniques. Therefore, there is no negative change in the sexual pleasures of patients. It is preferable to remove excess tissue by applying a cut from the center or side during the operation.

After an examination of which technique is more appropriate, the tissue condition will be taken into consideration and decided by your doctor. During the clitoris esthetics performed under general anesthesia, it is not possible for the patient to feel pain or hurt.

After anesthesia, the hudoplasty process is started and the deformed tissue on the clitoris is removed by the tissue cut path that creates a protruding tissue or a saggy appearance. The site is then stitched to give an esthetic look and the hudoplasty operation is completed. Discharge is performed after a patient has been observed for several hours.

The clitoris is not damaged during the esthetic of increasing sexual pleasure which can be performed with two different techniques. Therefore, there is no negative change in the sexual pleasures of patients. It is preferable to remove excess tissue by applying a cut from the center or side during the operation.

How Does Deformation Occur in The Clitoris?

Many different elements can cause deformation in the clitoris region, and need to perform an increasing to sexual pleasure esthetics operation.

For example, normal birth is one of the most common causes of deformation in these tissues. Most of the women who have had several births have a deformed appearance that could be caused by the need for clitoris esthetics.

This esthetic operation, often to increase sexual pleasure, can be done to remove excess skin from the clitoris and visually to give the clitoris a better look. After these procedures by women's disease doctors who have done so many times, there will be no obvious signs. After the transaction, the person's sense of pleasure and visual self-confidence increases. It is possible to perform a combined genital esthetic process with genital esthetics such as vaginal tightening, labioplasty.

Weight loss is one of the causes of deformed tissue appearance, which may still cause the need for hudoplasty. Because with weight gain, there is also lubrication in these tissues, and with weight loss, if the fat tissue is thin, it can appear to be saggy or protruding. Sometimes there is a folded skin on the clitoris from birth. Finally, we can state that with aging, a wrinkled appearance may appear on the clitoris and the need for hudoplasty surgery may arise.

Where is the Clitoral Hood?

The clitoral hood that patients encounter when they are getting information about the hoodoplasty operation can also be a subject of curiosity. The inner lips of the vagina entrance join at the top. Creates an appearance that covers the clitoris. This section is called the clitoral hood or clitoris peak. Just like the tissue that covers the end of the penis in the male genitals, there is a piece of tissue on the clitoris.

Because that's the area of the tissue that is treated by the esthetic to increase sexual pleasure. Because the fact that the tissue covering the top of the clitoris is more than ideal makes it an esthetic unpleasant appearance. That's what happens when most women need clitoris esthetics. This skin can be interfered with by a hudoplasty operation, not just to make it look more aesthetically beautiful, but to increase sexual pleasure.

Is There a Scar After Surgery?

Of course, this operation also known as the aesthetics of sexual pleasure, it's wondered if there'll be any trace of it. By an experienced doctor, if performed with the correct techniques, there is no trace after the clitoris esthetic.

From the outside, it is not possible to see clearly the areas where the cut is applied. It is also impossible to understand that you have operated on hudoplasty by your partner. You don't have to postpone this surgery, which can even cause self-confidence problems in women, because of the worry that there will be a scar.

A simple surgical operation can be sufficient to achieve a more comfortable sexual life. You can make an appointment to discuss all your operational concerns with your doctor in detail and ask questions.

Why Is Hudoplasty Done?

In general, we can say that the hudoplasty operation was carried out for two different purposes. These are;

  • To give the clitoris a more esthetic look,
  • To increase sexual pleasure.

The folded or protruding appearance on the clitoris can be discomfort for patients. It can affect self-confidence, and that reflects negatively on the comfort of sexual life.

Clitoris esthetics can be performed to eliminate the appearance of deformed or protruding skin that may arise due to various causes.

Another reason is that there's more skin on the clitoris than there should be. This is a negative effect on the sexual pleasure of patients. This operation can also be performed to remove excess tissue from the clitoris. Because of this operation is called the esthetic of increasing sexual pleasure among the public.

Removing excess tissue on the clitoris can also increase sexual arousal. Thus, the arousal problem that can be experienced due to excess tissue is eliminated.

Things To Consider After Hudoplasty Surgery?

The most important thing to be careful about is vaginal hygiene. Although the esthetics to increase sexual pleasure seem like a simple operation, it's important to remember that this is a surgical operation. Therefore, the risk of infection must be considered and the hygiene rules must be observed at maximum. In addition, it is necessary to practice sexual abstinence for 4 to 6 weeks after clitoris aesthetics. The reason for sexual abstinence is also that there is a risk of infection again.

Patients can go home the same day after a hudoplasty operation. Although clinical rest is not required, it would be helpful to rest at home for a few days. Because after an operation under general anesthesia, patients may have minor headaches.

This is not because of the hudoplasty operation, but because of the anesthesia drugs that were administered before the surgery. However, if the patient is feeling well, he doesn't need to take a break from his work life or social life. Meanwhile, after a hudoplasty surgery, the body uses self-melting sutures. So there's no need to removal stitches.

You should be careful not to wear very tight clothes after a hudoplasty until the recovery process is complete. At the same time, this area needs to be kept dry and frequently changed underwear. You should take a standing shower instead of a bathtub for a few weeks. you must not go into the sea, pool, sauna and bath for 1 months to 1.5 months.

Finally, you should take care to regularly use antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to avoid the risk of infection. This will minimize the risk of infection in the operating zone. After the surgery, mild pain may occur for the first few days. In this case, you can also use painkillers prescribed by your doctor to help control the pain.

How Much is The Hudoplasti Aesthetic Price?

When you do a survey of the clitoris esthetics prices, which can be called Cliteropexy, you may find very different numbers. For every patient, the same pricing cannot be mentioned. Because there may also be a variation in prices, depending on how much tissue is intervened in the operation, or on various factors, such as the experience of the doctor.

Some patients have a small amount of foldable tissue on the clitoris, while some patients may also have a deformed tissue along with the texture of the folds. Of course, this brings a change in the price of hudoplasty surgery. Make an appointment and point out that you need to be examined. In this way, a clear figure will be shown to you about how much budget you need to allocate for the operation in question.

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