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Contracted Institutions

Our clinic has agreements with the following institutions or private insurance companies. Since TTB issues invoices to private insurance companies and institutions that we do not have an agreement with, our patients can collect the fee they have paid from their insurance and institutions. institutions

halk sigortahdi sigortaiş bankasısompo sigorta
tobb sigortaacibadem sigortaanadolu sigortaankara sigorta
axa sigortaraysigortatbmmergo sigorta
fortis sigortagenerali sigortaseker-bank sigortagunes sigorta
halk bank emekli sandigimapfrezurich sigortakatilim emeklilik

Contracted unit prices are applied over TTB until our agreements are completed. All credit cards are valid in the practice.

Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz
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Op. Dr. Barış KorkmazOp. Dr. Barış KorkmazGynecology and Obstetrics Specialist
0532 223 2379
0532 223 2379