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Labiaplasty in Turkey

Labiaplasty in Turkey

What is a Labiaplasty (Labia Minora Aesthetics)?

The process of correcting labia minora, which are growing or dissymmetrical for various reasons, is called labioplasty, and in the public language, the vagina is referred to as inner lip esthetics.

Labioplasty is made in our Bursa clinic. Why is Labioplasty made in our writing, labioplasty techniques, labioplasty? we'll discuss these subjects.

Vagina lip Structure

Labiums, the inner lips (labia minora),are the tissues that surround the vagina entrance, which are a few centimeters outside the hymen's membrane at the beginning of the vaginal canal.

The vagina lip structure is the beginning of genital region anatomy, consisting of a thick layer of oil outside the vagina and an external lip (labia majora) with hair follicles, and a finer texture closer to the vagania canal.

Vagina Outer Lip (Labia Majora)

The outer lips, the medical name, labia majora, are external genitalia tissues with a thicker skin texture, which contains hair follicles rich from fat tissue.

Vagina Inner Lip (Labia Minora)

The vagina inner lip, medically named labia minoras, is actually an effective erectile tissues in sexual stimulation that do not contain relatively thin hair follicles that remain inside the outer lips/should remain.

Why is Labioplasty Made?

The term labioplasty is a surgical procedure, which is mainly used for internal lips, based on the correction of internal lips. While the growth of the vagina inner lips, the deterioration of the symmetry, the discoloration, the esthetic anxiety, the cause of these surgeries, the constant infection and the pain in sexual intercourse are some of the medical reasons.

Who Does Labiaplasty Surgery Do It To?

Labioplasty surgery is the main solution for patients whose vaginal infections become chronic, as can be applied to all of our patients who initially want a cosmetic esthetic image. In summary, labioplasty is done for both esthetic reasons and for medical reasons.

What kind of complaints does inner lip sagging cause?

Large labiums cause various problems both physically and psychologically. There are many women who say that the appearance of a large inner lip negatively affects their self-confidence. Internal lip sagging lead to these complaints;

  • The vagina is visible from the outside,
  • Bulging out in tight clothes,
  • Causing sweating,
  • Causing a fungal infection,
  • Reek,
  • Avoidance of sexual intercourse,
  • Pain and burning during sexual intercourse,
  • Inability to wear swimsuits and bikinis,
  • Discomfort when sitting for a long time.

Labiaplasty Surgery in Bursa, Turkey

Bursa Labioplasty, we perform labioplasty surgery in our private clinic with high patient satisfaction in physical and hygienic conditions. You can get information on the price of Labioplasty surgery and the fee on our page.

Labioplasty Surgery Techniques

Several different labioplasty techniques are applied based on the size or asymmetry of the inner lips and the image the patient wants to see. The most commonly used labioplasty techniques are:

  • Trimming labioplasty,
  • Labioplasty with wedge technique.

Trimming and wedge techniques are the main methods for ensuring patient satisfaction and full recovery without complications.

Trimming Labiaplasty

The trimming labiaplasty, which is applied more frequently, is known as the "curvilinear equity". In this method, trimming labioplasty process, which is a symmetrical process of shaving inside the outer lips, including areas that have color dyes on the sides of the lips, is the process of reducing the inner lips with scissors and stitching the remaining tissue with missing yarns. The excess parts are cut from the tissue with the stripe, and the blackout and the bad appearance are avoided here.

Wedge Technique and Labioplasty

The wedge technique is a labioplasty, which is actually a completely different technique, and the inner lips are assembled in a triangular shape, retaining the edge darkness of the inner lips. In this way, the natural image is preserved, correcting the saggy and large lip structure.

The Wedge method is a labium reduction process, cut into a V-shaped section of the redundant area, one of the most common methods, known as “wedge removal” or “v-plasty”. The ideal thing in this technique is to accurately detect arterial locations and to ensure that there is as little bleeding as possible. These procedures can be performed with local anesthesia or with general anesthesia depending on patient demand.

The Clitoral Hudoplasty With Labiaplasty

The large and saggy labiums cause the skin on the clitoris to hang. The size of the inner lip is often the cause of excessive skin folds on the clitoris.

In general, applying clitoris esthetics (hudoplasty) simultaneously to patients where we labioplasty is extremely effective both in terms of cosmetic esthetics and in terms of the satisfaction of sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Tightening with Labiaplasty

Multiple births can cause various structural anomalies to grow in labiums, as well as a vaginal enlargement feeling. In many patients, labiaplasty and vaginal contraction are combined in the same session.

How Is Labiaplasty Surgery Performed?

In purely sterile conditions, when the preparations for labioplasty pre-operation are completed, permission is obtained from our patient to photograph the area before the procedure, and then we talk with our patient about the areas that we think are defective.

After the drawings are made on the labia or clitoris for the procedures to be performed, they are photographed again and the procedures to be performed are explained to our patient. The procedure starts after the approval of our patient is received.

The price of Labiaplasty surgery.

The prices of Labioplasty surgery vary according to the city where the doctor is working, the method and the technical equipment used. The experience of the doctor can affect prices, and the location is important. We are unable to provide price information from public platforms. You can call our clinic and contact us and find out about the fee.

Before the Labiaplasty operation.

In general, as with all surgeries, if general anesthesia is to be administered before labioplasty surgery, a minimum of 4 hours of hunger is required.

This is not a requirement for procedures to be carried out under local anesthesia. Other than that, it is sufficient to clean the genitals a few days before the procedure. For patients with chronic disease who are on continuous medication, the medications and the actions that they should do before they are explained in detail.

It is essential to inform the doctor about the presence of various disorders, such as blood pressure or diabetes, as well as the medications used. Your doctor may ask you to temporarily cut some medications. Also, blood-diluting drugs should not be used before surgery. If you are allergic to any medication, you should inform your doctor about it.

How Long Does a Labiaplasty Take?

No matter which technique is applied, labioplasty will last approximately 45 minutes on average.

Of course, combined surgeries, along with labioplasty, will extend this period of additional procedures such as hudoplasty vaginal tightening, bleaching or padding.

After Labiaplasty Surgery.

Labioplasty surgery is the head of genital plastic surgery, which is most requested by our patients in genital plastic surgeries, which is the most applied and the results are completely facial-smiling.

Fully esthetic symmetry is adjusted, bleeding checks are performed repeatedly, the processing area is completely drugged, and special labioplasty surgical ropes and needles and techniques are applied. After processing, the image is always perfect, but it is important that our patients use at least one antibiotic during the week after the procedure and, in particular, take care of the complete cleanliness of the external genitals.

Is the Stitches Removed After Labiaplasty?

The sutures used in labioplasty surgery are the sutures that are absorbed by the body. Therefore, you do not need to get stitches after a labioplasty operation. That doesn't mean you're not going to check it out.

After the surgery, you should go to the inspection within the specified time. Usually, it's only 1 or 2 times to go to the check. Your doctor may also ask you to come to more.

After surgery, recovery can occur at different times depending on the tissue structure of the person. In general, however, the recovery process after surgery in our labioplasty Turkey clinic is completed in one week to 10 days. However, during this time, you can continue your work life. You don't have to wait for medical recovery to take place completely.checks if you need them.

Can virgins get Labioplasty?

Yeah also virgins can get labiaplasty surgery. This surgery does not involve an intervention in the hymen's. Labiaplasty surgery involves the intervention of the inner lip area on the outside of the vagina. So it's an area 3 to 4 cm away from the hymen's.

But you have to wait until you're 18 years old for labiaplasty surgery. It is not recommended to perform this operation, especially during adolescence. Because once the hormonal balance is achieved, a slight change in the inner lip appearance can also occur. if you are physically or psychologically uncomfortable after you are 18 years old, you can request an appointment for surgery.

Sexual intercourse after Labioplasty Surgery

After a labioplasty surgery, 30-40 days of sexual intercourse should be avoided.

What to look out for after a Labioplasty Surgery

Hygiene is the most important thing to pay attention to after labioplasty surgery. After the need for a toilet is met, the vagina area needs to be cleaned and dried immediately. Because the sewing area is asked to stay dry.

  • Hygiene must be taken care of,
  • Cleaning the vagina area after the toilet,
  • Sauna, hammam, sea and pool should not be entered for 1 months,
  • For 1 months, leg exercises should not be performed.

It is forbidden to enter the sauna, bath, jacuzzi, sea and pool for approximately 1 months. At the same time, after the labioplasty surgery, some exercises will be prohibited for 1 months. You need to take a 1-month break from activities such as exercises, yoga or Pilates, which include stretching legs.

You should use the medication your doctor prescribed regularly and strictly comply with the prohibitions. This allows you to experience a more comfortable recovery process, and with it, this process can be completed in less time.

Laser Labiaplasty

Laser labioplasty is the process of using a laser device instead of a scalpel used for other methods. The bleeding situation is less visible in this method, and therefore the healing rate is higher. Like normal cutting with a laser, the stitching is stitched with absorbable suture as in normal surgery, and tissue fusion is ensured.

Is There a Normal Birth After Labiaplasty?

Because the labioplasty surgery is an operation on the outside of the vagina and on the lips, the birthplace is not affected. For expectant mothers who will give birth for the first time, the fact that they have had labiaplasty before does not affect the lip structure and there is no harm to the labiaplasty procedure performed. Since normal birth will cause enlargement more often if the vagina narrowing procedure has been performed, it is necessary to perform the vagina narrowing procedure again.

Is There a Loss of Feeling After Labiaplasty?

Labioplasty surgery can cause a loss of feeling when making cuts from the wrong place and without attention to the condition of the tissue. The physician who performed the procedure must decide by talking to the patient to minimize the loss of esthetics and the loss of feeling that the patient may experience. It is important that this is done frequently in genital esthetics and performed by specialists in the field.

Is It Possible to Have a Non-Surgical Labiaplasty?

Surgery can be performed surgically with scissors or lasers, but without surgery, it is not possible to make labioplasty.

Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz
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