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Myoma Treatment, Surgery in Turkey

Myoma Treatment, Surgery in Turkey

What's a Myom? What Are The Symptoms and Treatments?

Myoma is a mass that develops in uterus and is benign. This mass, which is widely seen among women, is caused by abnormal muscle growth. Although it can be seen at all ages in general, studies show that it is seen much less often during puberty and after menopause.

The rate of public appearance is around 20% and, unfortunately, can also lead to problems such as low or sterile. From the causes of myoma formation to treatment, variety to surgery, we will discuss everything in detail. But first, let's take a key issue that all women need to know: The symptoms of the myoma under the lens.

Why is my myom formed?

Although medicine has progressed today, some diseases are still unknown, and there is myom among them. No clear information has been found as to why this mass has occurred, but estrogen hormones are known to have a significant effect. Especially in the menopause period, when women are much more common during their breeding period and fertility ends, these formations tend to shrink, leading to the emergence of estrogen hormones.

However, genetic factors can be mentioned. In women with myomas in their family, the frequency of this audience is even greater. We can also point out that overweight and women who have never given birth are at risk. Because studies show that myomyomicin is more common in these women.

What Are Myoma Types?

In general, we can say that this audience has been evaluated in 4 different groups. These are;

  • Submucosal myoms,
  • Intramural myoms,
  • Subserousal myoms,
  • Myoms with handles.

These groups are determined both according to the structures of the mass in question and the place where it is located in the uterus. intramural fibroids are the most common seen among 4 different types. The rarely seen species is the one called submucosal.

What Are The Symptoms of Myom?

The fact that every woman knows about the symptoms of myomics and takes the symptoms seriously strengthens the possibility of early diagnosis. The symptoms are not sensitive enough to be difficult for women to detect. We can sort common symptoms as follows:

  • There are intermediate bleeding outside the menstrual period,
  • A long period of menstruation,
  • There are too many clots in blood during the period of the period,
  • Frequent urination,
  • Increased pain and cramping sensation during menstrual periods,
  • The feeling of fullness in the groin,
  • A feeling of pressure in the groin or womb,
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

The symptoms listed above may vary depending on the size of the myom, where the body is placed, and whether it affects other tissues. So we can't say that all the symptoms have always appeared in every patient. Even when only a symptom is observed, it is necessary to meet with the obstetrician and the female diseases before it is too late.

Myoma Surgery inTurkey

After the patient is diagnosed with myom, we can indicate that the surgery can be performed in different ways.


It is a surgical procedure to remove myomas that lead to various problems in the body.

Endometrial Ablation

This method is preferable if myomas are small size. However, it is not applied in a very common way because it can cause the menstrual bleeding to be completely cut off.


If the patient is planning a pregnancy in the future, this surgery can be performed.


This operation is performed if the patient is not planning a pregnancy in the future. Because in this way, uterus is removed from the body. We can't say that this surgery is preferable unless it's mandatory.

Myoma Treatments in Uterus

The surgery we're talking about upside is just one of the myom treatment options. Other than that, different treatment methods may be applied. In light of a variety of information, such as the patient's age and general health, or where the myoma is, the doctor will choose the most appropriate treatment option. Treatment methods include a hormonal in-uterine vehicle application. Alternatively, it is preferable to use birth control pills that contain hormones. This method is applied if the patient complains of excessive pain or excessive bleeding.

Another of the treatment methods is the use of drugs. The use of medication to reduce bleeding can also be preferred to prevent anemic or to prevent pain. Of course, myoma monitoring is another option. It may be necessary to wait a while to observe whether the myoma is likely to be growing. During this period, the patient’s complaints are also considered for increased or not. If the patient's complaints increase or the myoma grows, then other treatment options are reviewed.

Is There a Myoma Treatment without Surgery?

If the myoma is detected, it is not immediately decided to operate. Of course, treatment without any surgical intervention can be possible with at least some patients. We can also say that there are alternative treatment methods, such as in-womb tools or use of hormones.

However, due to the problems he has caused in the patient, sometimes the decision to operate can be made inevitably. The patient's pregnancy can only be operated on factors such as the appearance of infertility due to myomas or the damage to the region and surrounding tissues where the myoma is located in the womb.

The purpose of the surgery is to remove the myoma from the body, thus eliminating the patient's complaints. Today, the surgery can be completed in much less time. It is possible for the patient to return to his daily life or work life after a brief rest. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider surgery a worrying situation.

Hazardous Myoma Dimensions

In women, the size of this mass varies between 1 cm and 15 cm. Sometimes it is possible to have more than one number of myoma in the same patient and different sizes. But at the point of danger, it's more about the problems caused by myoma than the size. If there is a high probability of cancer, if it causes excessive bleeding, if it causes infertility or severe pain, then the evacuation of the masses from the body could be raised.

What Happens If My Myoma Is Not Treated?

Treatment options do not need to be evaluated immediately for each myom. It may sometimes be necessary to observe the mass and determine whether it is likely to be in a tendency to shrink. But we must also point out that the patient's complaints are extremely important.

What Are The Damages of Myoms?

There are various problems in the case of myom in the patient. One of the most important ones is that there are bleeds outside the menstrual period. Sometimes the bleeding can be severe, and therefore the lack of blood complaint can also occur.

We should also point out that, like severe pain, there are different problems that can affect the patient's life in a negative way. And during pregnancy, this mass can cause a lot of different problems. And you should never ignore the risks, such as premature labor and low. It may also be possible for this mass to damage the surrounding tissue, depending on where they are located or their size. Considering all of this, treatment options are being evaluated.

Myoma Calcification In Uterus

One of the most common concerns about the issue is the calcification in the myoma. After women enter the menopause period, there is a decrease in estrogen hormone level. The decrease in estrogen level can also result in reduction in myoma or a calcify. The reason for the calcification can be described as the accumulation of calcium in the myomicin core. We can say that this phenomenon, called calcific degeneration, happens often.

What Should Be Considered After Myoma Surgery?

Antibiotics may be required to avoid infection risk after myoma surgery. You should use the medication prescribed by your doctor regularly. There may be a sexuality prohibition for a while. Hygienic cleaning is especially important after the toilet. Cleaning needs to be taken care of at maximum due to the risk of infection. It is normal to have mild pain after surgery. However, the pain can be easily controlled with the help of the painkillers your doctor prescribes.

Is It Possible to Treat Myomas with Medication?

Not every myom can be treated with medication. But we can't say that medication is impossible. Medication may also be preferred depending on the patient's condition and the size of the myoma where it is located. Most of the time, options like using birth control pills come in. Methods such as in-uterine vehicle application are also preferred. After the examination, your doctor will choose the most accurate treatment. You can write your questions about the subject in the comment section immediately.

Commonly Asked Questions About Myoma

How to destroy myoma?

Various treatment methods are applied to eliminate the myoma. Sometimes it can be brought up in the form of surgical intervention. Surgery can be decided, especially in the area where the mass is located and in cases where it causes excessive bleeding in the patient. Your doctor will evaluate treatment options after performing the required examination.

Will myoma disappear on its own?

Not every myom can be lost by itself. But it's also important to mention that there is a possibility. After menopause, myoma shrink, myomas that occur in pregnancy shrink and disappear after birth are previously observed. Therefore, we cannot specify that this mass will never disappear on its own.

Is 7 cm Myoma dangerous?

There's not enough information alone about whether the size of the myoma is dangerous. What's important here is what causes complaints in the patient. It is also decided to treat myoma by considering the factors such as where it is located in the womb, and how much it affects environmental tissues.

What's a Subserous Myoma?

Subserous myomas are the masses that place own by own into the outer layer of the uterus. They often cause severe pain in the abdomen, back, as they also press the peripheral. However, we can also point out that there is a mass type that often causes a hemorrhage complaint.

Myoma destroyed with birth?

Vaginal or C-section does not eliminate the presence of birth myomas. There is a belief that if a child is given birth among the public, the myoma will also disappear, but that information is not true. The treatment procedures must be applied to make my myoma disappear.

Does Myoma Affect Menstruation?

One of the most frequently observed types of mass is myomas that are located in the middle of the womb. These mass effect the tradition and may lead to periods of age prolonation. It can also cause more bleeding than usual. Patients may also have abdominal pain, anemia, a feeling of fulfillment in the womb.

Can Myoma Be Malignant?

There is a possibility that this mass could become malignant, which is the possibility that it could become cancer. However, it is also very unlikely. However, in the event of the presence of myoma and diagnosis, it is essential that checks should be checked regularly and routine gynecological checks should never be disrupted.

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