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Laser Vagina Tightening in Turkey

Laser Vagina Tightening in Turkey

Laser Vagina Tightening

Laser vagina tightening is one of the best solutions for vagina enlargement problems for women who are not close for surgical intervention.

The fact that it does not include the complications risks associated with surgery is one of the reasons why laser and vagina tightening is often preferred.

Women living in Bursa can easily benefit from laser vagina tightening. She can get rid of the problems of vaginal enlargement without surgical intervention. We should also point out that this procedure does not require anesthesia.

Why Does the Vagina Expand?

The most common reason for the expansion of the vagina is to give birth. Although there is a recovery in the womb and vagina after vaginal births, it may not be possible for him to regain his old form. At the same time, age progression is one of the reasons for vaginal expansion.

Sometimes there's a problem of structurally becoming a vagina wider than the ideal. In these cases, a laser vaginal tightening can be done as an alternative to vaginoplasty surgery.

Laser Vagina Tightening in Turkey

Known as laser vagina tightening or ‘Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR)’, this process is the process of rejuvenating the vagina completely without surgery, without cutting and without stitching. With the laser applied, a regeneration and rejuvenation process begins in the vagina tissues. In this respect, it is possible that the vagina will gain a tighter form.

Who Should Get a Laser Vagina Tightening?

  • Those with vaginal expansion,
  • Those who want to increase sexual pleasure,
  • Those who do not want to have vaginoplasty surgery,
  • Women who have problems with urinary incontinence.

Those with vaginal enlargement problems who don't want surgery can safely use laser vagina tightening. However, it should not be during pregnancy or breastfeeding. After birth, it would be much more accurate to wait a while for the vagina and body to recover, and then to take advantage of this process.

How Laser Vagina Tightening Performed?

The rejuvenation of tissues is ensured by the use of the laser device head only, without making any skin incision. The patient is placed on the gynecological examination table. Laser beams are transmitted into the vagina by probe. The tissues are heated to a depth of approximately 3 mm. Collagen in the ligaments become active, thus making it possible to strengthen the tissue of the bond. This strength also brings in the tightness of the vaginal tissue.

How Does Laser Vagina Tightening Impact?

With the help of laser beams, the vaginal tissue is strengthened, and the vaginal narrowing is due to this effect. In this operation often uses carbon dioxide lasers (CO2 lasers). However, Erbium oil (ER: Oil) lasers are also preferable.

How long is the Laser Vagina Tightening effect?

Let's point out that laser vaginal tightening is a very effective practice. The results are permanent and it is also possible to take maximum advantage of the effect of the operation if repeated at regular intervals.

How Often Should Laser Vagina Tightening be Repeated?

It is recommended to repeat the laser vagina narrowing approximately every 2 years.

Is Anesthesia Required for Laser Vagina Tightening?

Anesthesia is not performed before tightening the vagina with a laser. Because there is no pain or hurt felt during the application. Therefore, it is one of the procedures performed completely without anesthesia.

Is Laser Vagina Tightening Painful?

It's not a painful procedure. This is because the use of anesthetic drugs is not necessary before the treatment, and it is carried out completely painless. Patients can take advantage of this process without worrying about pain or hurt.

Does Laser Vagina Tightening Effect Pleasure?

Sexual pleasure problems caused by vaginal enlargement are eliminated. So from this point of view, laser vagina tightening also positively affects sexual pleasure.

How Should I Get Before The Laser Vagina Tightening?

Before laser vagina tightening, there is no need to have a preparation process. You don't need to be on an empty stomach or make some pre-treatment diet.

After Laser Vagina Tightening

After laser vagina tightening, hygiene must be taken care of. So you should avoid vaginal showers with cosmetics. Other than that, there's nothing to be careful about.

Are there any risks of Laser Vagina Tightening?

There's no risk of tightening the vagina with a laser that's done very safely. We can tell you that the complications associated with vagina tightening operations are not in laser vagina tightening.

As we've also mentioned before, anesthesia is not required in this process. Therefore, the various risks arising from anesthesia do not apply to laser vagina tightening.

Who Is Laser Vagina Tightening Not Suitable For?

Laser vagina tightening is often preferred by those with vaginal enlargement problems. However, in the case of excessive enlargement in the vagina, it may be much more accurate to prefer vaginal tightening surgery.

In the operation, excess tissue is removed by cutting and it can be ensured that the vagina regains a tight form with only one surgical intervention. At the same time, it is not right to use the laser method for women who have problems with urinary bags or uterine prolapse after childbirth. In such cases, we can state that vaginoplasty operations are a more ideal option.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding periods, it is not recommended to do so. For women with open wounds to the tissues found inside the vagina, the process is not the right choice. All other women, apart from that, can easily benefit from laser and vaginal contraction.

Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Vagina Tightening?

Of course, there may be some side effects after treatment, such as slight redness or slight swelling. But it's important to remember that these effects are completely temporary. However, after the treatment, there may be an increase in vaginal current for a while. It is normal that there is an increase in the amount of current and there is no need to worry about it. After a few weeks, this will be normal. Other than that, there's no side effect to bother the patients.

Laser Vagina Tightening Prices 2023

It's not right to mention a clear number for the price of laser and vagina tightening. The price varies depending on the information, such as how many sessions can be performed with the laser to tighten the vagina. If you request an appointment, a simple inspection is performed and you can then find both price information and information on how many sessions need to be performed.

Are Those Who Have Laser Vagina Tightening Satisfied?

The laser and vaginal narrowing can be achieved by a tightening effect of between 1 cm and 4 cm. Therefore, those who take advantage of this transaction are satisfied with the outcome.

It is difficult to capture the desired effect and to achieve a tightening effect that meets expectations in patients with only too much vaginal enlargement. For these patients, it is possible to obtain a satisfactory tightening, but with vaginoplasty.

Laser Vagina Tightening or Surgical Vagina Tightening? Which one is more effective?

The laser vagina tightening process must be redone with specific periods. However, the vaginal contraction surgery does not need to be renewed. A single surgical procedure results in a correcting effect in the vagina. At this point, it's important to consider how much enlargement there is in the vagina.

It is preferable to take advantage of laser vagina tightening treatment in light expansions. For patients who don't want surgery or are unable to perform for various reasons, we can also say that this is a more ideal option. Both are extremely effective methods.

Is Laser Vaginal Tightening and Laser Vagina Narrowing Same Process?

Yes, this process using laser technology is referred to as vaginal narrowing or vaginal tightening.

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