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Vagina Bleaching in Turkey

Vagina Bleaching in Turkey

Vagina bleaching has become one of the most common applications for genital area. This process, which women are very interested in, can be done quickly and easily, and is completed in a short time. Due to many different causes in the genital area, there may be darkening.

But now this problem became history. It also, turns out to be an ideal option for women who have self-confidence problems due to a change in skin color, making the vagina look more esthetically beautiful.

One of the most common things is the price of vaginal bleaching. We will talk about how much money women need to spend to benefit from this practical process. We'll also explain why the skin color in the vagina area has changed. But first of all, let's look at how bleaching is done in more detail.

How to make a vaginal bleaching?

One of the issues that women are most curious about is how the vagina bleaching process is performed. Of course, this is not a surgical procedure, and it should not be considered as an operation. There are many different methods that can be applied today to give the genital region a more white and esthetic look.

Among them, the most preferred is laser-vaginal bleaching. It is possible to do it in a practical way and to achieve permanent whiteness, which means that many people have to choose it.

Why does the genital area darken?

There are many different reasons why women need genital bleaching. Because the darkening of the skin color of this region can occur due to various elements. The most common of these elements are changes in hormones.

At this point, we have to talk about estrogen hormones, because skin darken can occur, especially due to estrogen hormones. This is the result of a massive release of this hormone. That's why women have more intense darkness in the vaginal region during puberty or pregnancy.

As it is known, birth control pills are hormone-related, and consequently, the use of some birth control pills can result darkening in the genital region. Therefore, those who use these pills for a long period of time may need to do a vaginal bleaching.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight also occurs as another cause. A swimsuit or bikini closure of the genitals does not prevent sun rays from penetrating the skin. It is therefore important to note that prolonged sunbathing during the summer months also results in skin darken.

We need to point out that the age factor in women is also effective in the darkening in the genital region. So at the age of advancing, there is much more need for vaginal bleaching. There may be a slight change in the skin structure, along with age progression, but also a darkening around the vagina due to the effects of hormonal changes. Another reason is the wrong choice of underwear.

The underwear made from fabrics that cut off the skin's contact with oxygen definitely causes darkening. And for reasons such as wearing very tight underwear, we can say that such a problem has occurred. The wrong use of underwear can also cause darkening of the skin, among other health problems.

Another answer to the question of why the color of the vagina changes or why genital area bleaching is performed is that the epilation procedures applied to the genital area are incorrect. Laser epilation is a method that many women benefit from today, but there may be some problems with skin color if it is done unconsciously.

Why is Genital Area Bleaching Done?

For women, darkening in the vaginal area can cause self-confidence problems. And their sexual lives are also affected by this situation. So we can say that genital area bleaching is the most often done to make women feel much better about themselves.

Especially the fact that darkening has spread over a wide area causes women to have difficulty choosing swimsuits and bikinis in the summer season. In order to be much more comfortable during the holidays, genital area bleaching may need to be performed.

Vagina Bleaching Methods

Nowadays, the most preferred method among vaginal bleaching methods is laser technology. Using laser rays, the subcutaneous pigments are disintegrating. This treatment aims to eliminate the pigment of melanin which causes dilation in the skin, so that the result of vaginal bleaching can be permanent. In this laser procedure, the element that causes darkening in the skin, that is, the source of the problem, is interfered with. Therefore, the procedure gives a permanent result.

The Prices of Vagina Bleaching in 2023

It can be deceptive to mention a clear price, even a range of numbers. Because vagina bleaching can be done in different ways, and the price of each transaction varies. Let's first point out that the factors need to be assessed together, such as the cause of the darkening on the skin in the genitals.

If the person's current skin color is too white and the darkness is serious, several treatments may be required. This is reflected in prices and, of course, higher numbers can be produced. However, when it comes to a slight dimming, a minimum budget is sufficient to benefit from this process.

In addition, we can indicate that the devices that will be used for genitals whitening are reflected in the price. Many laser devices are used today, developed by different brands. Depending on which device is used where you prefer, you may also find different prices. However, let's also report that in general, reasonable numbers can be used to exploit this process. If you make an appointment, you can also receive price information after a short and simple inspection.

Vagina Bleaching Center in Bursa, Turkey

Of course, you don't need to reach different cities to take advantage of vaginal bleaching. You can contact experienced obstetrics and gynecologists in this field working in Bursa, such as Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz, and you can make an appointment immediately for a day that suits you.

The duration of this process is quite short and therefore you do not need to take a long break from your work life. Without compromising the comfort of your home, without having to go to a different city, to perform the procedure in Bursa, you can request an appointment from Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Barış Korkmaz.

Is Vaginal Bleaching Harmful?

It doesn't have harm to vagina bleaching process that's done right and consciously. This process will never harm the hymen's, affect the possibility of a person getting pregnant, and will not cause different problems on the skin. Therefore, with peace of mind, you can also get rid of the skin darkening problem in the genitals by using the vagina bleaching process.

Vaginal Area Whitening

You can also benefit from the genital area whitening procedure performed without any pain, hurt or ache, accompanied by a comfortable process. Do not consider darkening in the vaginal area as a ‘fate’ anymore. Today, with the help of advanced technologies, a large number of problems experienced by women can be eliminated. You can write all your questions about genital aesthetic applications and darkening in the vagina area to the comment section immediately.

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